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Using a Windows CE 4.20 SDK with VS2005 and VS2008

by on Nov.23, 2010, under WinCE

I have had the requirement to use a windows CE SDK with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. This is desirable because they have better/newer ARM compilers, as well as being able to integrate a combined Native/.NET solution in 1 place for a single step build.

The hint on how to do this came after playing with Qt. Qt Comes with a program (continue reading…)

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Using WinCE5.0 drivers on WinCE4.2

by on Feb.09, 2010, under WinCE

Since wince 4.2 is quite old and not that well supported by OEM device manufacturers, it is often hard or impossible to get drivers for wince4.2 for these devices.

However the API into coredll and other parts of the wince system libraries is, if not identical, then almost identical.

I had an instance recently where I needed to make a USB wifi device work with wince4.2. After doing some research, I chose a ralink 2471W based device. However it came with a wince5 driver. Binary only of course.

Looking at the driver dll, all the imported functions were available except 1 in the ndis.dll, that being NdisQueryPacket. In wince4.2, this fucntion is provided by a #define, but in wince5 it is a instantiated function.

The solution is to compile the following code to an obj, and use the lib32 to add it to ndislib.lib in the private tree.

// local modded copy of ndis.h
#include "ndis.h"
#include <pkfuncs.h>

OUT PUINT _PhysicalBufferCount OPTIONAL,
NdisQueryPacketDef(_Packet, _PhysicalBufferCount, _BufferCount, _FirstBuffer, _TotalPacketLength);

Also add the export definition to the end of ndis.def so that it becomes exported when ndis.dll is built with the system.

Finally, remember to put these 2 files back in the private tree where you got them from.

Now when the system is rebuilt with platform builder, the new ndis.dll will contain this extra function, thus allowing the USB wifi driver to function perfectly without modification.

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