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Prostate Cancer and me

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Cancer

As my first ever entry, I want to highlight my experience with prostate cancer.

Back in august 2007 I had a regular blood test to keep track of my cholesterol levels. Unbeknownst to me, my GP also had PSA on the tests to be performed. This stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. The previous tests were in the range of 1-2 (i.e. 1.6) which is quite normal for someone of my age (43). The previous test was in Dec 2006 and was about 1.6.

The new test was around 10. A 2nd test half a week late was 9.6. The GP had a feel of my prostate again (not very nice) but it felt normal to him. So he referred me to a urologist.

I got in to see him within a week and soon had a biopsy scheduled after a UTI test was negative.

Naturally I had been doing a bit of research on abnormal PSA levels and found it was a possible indicator for prostate cancer. This got me a bit concerned, but decided to wait for the biopsy results.

So in for a day procedure to get my prostate sampled. I was out for about an hour. He sampled 14 spots. However it may not be conclusive as false negatives can occur.

Anyhow the pathology came back and 1 of the samples came back as gleeson 6 (3+3). I suppose it is better to know than to wait 10-15 years before I couldnt wee and the tumor was big.

My father also had a turp, but more like the age of 60 which is much more common.

So after some pre-op pysio training of my pelvic floor,  in to hospital for a radical prostatectomy on Dec 2007. Not the keyhole kind as I was told the nerve preservation was not as reliable. 4 days in hospital recovering, everything went fine.

Had my bag strapped to my leg for 15 days. Its interesting not having to go to the toilet. Babies have it great! Just had to empty it every so often. Then came the pads. We don’t know how lucky we are since women (and oldies) use them all the time.

6 weeks after the op I had my first blood test. It was 0! Which is what it should be.

Regained enough control of my bladder by end of feb, so lost my pad. Hooray. Pads are not nice, even the front only style.

2 years on now and every PSA blood test has been fine.

Only down side is erectile function never came back properly, which means I need to inject it to have some fun.

All for now.

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