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Dumping the LG Roboking VR6270LVM

by on Jul.25, 2013, under linux, Nifty Hacks

Having just obtained a shiny new LG Roboking VR6270LVM (AKA HomBot Square) via ebay from korea, my first thought was to convert the Korean speech to something I can actually understand.

The english manual is easy to find on any LG web site, however software updates are a bit more difficult. After searching around a bit I found a software update for this model, though I’m not sure on whether it is useful for me. However, it did give me some hints.

This device is running ARM embedded linux. There is a USB port next to the dust catcher which is used to perform updates.

It looks for a file called update.sh, which if found it executes! It is important that a line in this script has the text


usually on the second line.

An example script to dump the filesystem is




if ! test -e $SOURCE_PATH/rk.tar ; then

mount >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1
ls -al / >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1
ls -al /bin >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1
ls / >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1
ls /mnt >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1

R="bin dev etc lib linuxrc root sbin temp tmp usr var mnt/rwfs"
tar cf $SOURCE_PATH/rk.tar $R >> $SOURCE_PATH/log 2>&1



aplay -c 1 -r 16000 -f S16_LE /usr/SNDDATA/SND_NOTICE_UPDATE_END.snd

/usr/rbin/rpjig.axf /vision /usr/rcfg/config.xml -poweroff 15000 &

exit 0

It will talk when complete.

There are 2 sets of sound files, one male and one female, and both in korean. These are in mono 16k raw audio and can be converted to wav files with sox.


mkdir -p sound/SNDDATA{0,1}

for i in `find . -name "*.snd"` ; do
d1=`dirname $i`
d1=`basename $d1`
i1=`basename $i`
i2=`basename $i1 .snd`
sox -r16000 -c1 -e signed -b 16 -traw $i sound/$d1/$i2.wav

The file names are quite descriptive but it would be nice to know what each one says. Then I can rerecord them and make it speak english. If anyone has the english versions of these sound files, I would be grateful.

Also interesting is that it supports wifi. Plug in a compatible wifi USB dongle and upload (using update.sh) wifi.cfg to /usr/etc. The format seems to be

ESSID ssidname

but this is untested. It runs dropbear so you should be able to log into it. You may also need to update wpa_supplicant.conf in the same directory with keys for WPA2 as is standard for linux. Supported dongles include rt3070sta, rt5370sta, rt3370sta and 8192cu.

All for now.

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